October 29, 2006

Harvey J. Bernstein

Here is where you will find links to documents that I
have written. Feel free to visit often and see what
is new.

If you have questions about bridge lessons or items
on this site, send an email to hjb0416@yahoo.com

What's New - 08/27/17: More Books, Movies, and Columns. Thanks for coming back.

Bridge Information:

Weekly Bridge Columns;
To view the Column click on the link and then click on
the column you want to view.
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Over the years one of my favorite partners has been
Mort Pierce. The following link will take you to
fifteen of my favorite hands with Mort.
Mort's Hands

Play some of my columns on VuBridge

Thoughts on different bridge related subjects:
The Wit of Edgar Kaplan
A Collection of Bridge Humor
Bidding Objectives
Opening Leads
Negative Doubles
Weak Two Bids
Defensive Carding
Forcing Bids
Minor Suit Openings
Second Hand Low

Links to other bridge related sites:
The Unit 125 Web Site
Beachwood Duplicate Bridge Club
Andy's Duplicate Bridge Club
Sophie and James Novak's Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday Morning In Solon
Thursday Morning In Hudson
Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club
Classy Senior's Duplicate Bridge Club
Fran Mulkins Bridge Site
District 5 Web Site
ACBL Web Site
Larry Cohen On Bridge
Ron Klinger Bridge Site
Barnet Shenkin's Bridge Club
The Bridge Doctor
Bridge Base Online
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The Bridge World Magazine
Master Point Press
Bridge Related Gifts

Listings of Books and Movies that I have read/seen.
Prior Year Books
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Prior Year Movies
2009 Movies
2010 Movies
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2012 Movies
2013 Movies
2014 Movies
2015 Movies
2016 Movies
2017 Movies

All-Time Favorite Books
All-Time Favorite Movies

Articles gleaned from the Internet - a collection of
interesting articles - I will update as I receive more.
Just go to the link and click on the item you wish
to read.


I ran across a story about an American pilot and his
experience during the second world war. The following
link will get you the entire story - well worth
your time.


Essays on Current Issues
Death Penalty
Gun Control
Criminal Rights
Life After Death

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